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Importance of cubing systems at e-commerce

E-commerce & Dimensioners

If you are running an e-commerce business, that means you are shipping at least hundreds of packages per day. Shipping charges are an important share of your costs and has a direct influence on your profit. Would you not want to increase your profit up to 40%? Well, you should start employing dimensioners and measure dimensional weight of every object leaving your warehouse. SIZE MATTERS! Low cost dimensioners with novel technology come to your aid. Thanks to their affordibility compared to old-tech laser scanners, they are scaleble: you can mount many of them to multiple locations and save as much as profit you can!

Stay profitable and competitive

Even though there is still a huge potential for growth in e-commerce, comptetion is rising day-by-day and as a result profitablity of companies are dropping. E-commerce companies should meticulously track their costs and try to minimize them. Dimensioners provide the possibility to systematically determine correct shipping charges and even further optimize them without a hassle.


Do not get frightened by the cost of a dimensioning system. BeeVision, state-of-the-art 3D imager based dimensioner, guaranteess return-over-investment in a matter of weeks. Cubing data provided by dimensioners will enable you to plan package size, transportation and warehouse size effectively.